Convert JSON to Excel

Download GSTR-2B JSON files

First you need to download GSTR-2B JSON files from GST Portal. There are 2 options to download GSTR-2B JSON files:

  • Generate & download GSTR-2B files one by one from GST Portal.
  • Bulk download of GSTR-2B files using Octa Portal Recommended

Add to Octa GST

  • Open the Octa GST business file and go to GSTR-2B page

  • Click on Add button

  • Select the zip files downloaded in above step. Note that you can select multiple files to import all of them in one go.

  • Click Start button to start the import process.

    Add GSTR-2B Data

Export to Excel

On the GSTR-2B page, Click on the Export button and select the periods you would like to export. If you select multiple periods, all the data from selected periods will be exported to a single Excel file.

Export GSTR-2B Data to Excel