Sales Documents

Direct Editing

Octa GST provides a convenient GUI (graphical user interface) to enter the sales data. All the user inputs are validated for common errors so that incorrect data entries can be prevented.

This mode is useful when the sales documents are not being maintained in an electronic format. It is also useful when the number of sales documents are less and manual entry of data is feasible. We suggest this method for less than 300 invoices in a month.

To enter the sales data using GUI, open the Sales page and click the Add button. This will open a new screen on which sales invoice data can be entered. If you need to enter other documents, simply change the type of documents being displayed on the screen and click Add.

Add sales invoice

Sales invoice

You can also double click any row in the table above and view the full details of sales document. This editor will also allow you to make changes to the document and save it again.