How to enter multiple line items in Excel?

In the import Excel format, first few columns contain the details about invoice. If there are multiple line items in the invoice then this information is repeated for every row in Excel file. Since it is basically the same information, it must be same in all rows. Octa GST shows Invoice data not consistent error (e.g. Invoice Value must be same as line no xx) if this data is different in rows of same invoice. To fix this error, please check all columns of invoice information and make sure they are same.

For example, consider the following simple tax invoice which has 2 line items:

Tax Invoice Sample

When this invoice is entered in the import excel file, there will be 2 rows in the import excel file because the tax invoice has 2 line items. And all the invoice level data, must be repeated for all line items. This is shown in below diagram:

Multiple items in Excel sample

Note: Invoice Value is the grand total of invoice and it also must be repeated in all rows of same invoice.