Crashing – Dell Backup & Recovery Software

Dell computers (desktop/laptops) comes with pre-installed Dell Backup and Recovery Software. This software installs icon-overlay extension which is not compatible 64-bit applications. Because of this issue, Octa GST crashes as soon as you attempt to open or save a file. This article describes how to fix this issue.

  • Open Nirsoft website to install ShellEx View
  • Click on Download ShellExView for x64
  • Download and run the application
  • Go to Options Menu, then click Hide All Microsoft Extensions. Now you will see a list of 3rd party shell extensions.
  • Scroll through the list until you find 3 entires for DBROverlayIcon (two are for icon overlays, 1 is context menu)
  • Select all 3, right lick and select Disable
  • Press Ctrl + E on the keyboard to reload Windows Explorer