Purchase Documents


In order to generate an accurate GST returns or reconcile purchase data with GSTR-2A, you need to enter the purchase data of your business in Octa GST. As per the availability and convenience, you may enter the data in the form of detailed documents or you may also enter the consolidated summary of purchase.


Purchase data consists of the following documents and summary pertaining to the return period:

Purchase InvoicesAs issued by suppliers
Credit NotesAs issued by suppliers
Debit NotesAs issued by suppliers
Advance PaidAdvance paid for supplies on which tax is to be paid on reverse charge basis
Advance AdjustedAdvance paid in earlier tax periods & adjusted against supply in current period
Refund VouchersAdvance paid in earlier tax periods and refunded by supplier in current period

Important: Credit and debit notes need to be entered from supplier's perspective. For example, if your suppliers issues a Credit Note to you, it has to be entered as Credit Note only. Even though it is entered as Debit Note in your books.


Don't import the Non-Taxable purchase summary separately if you have already imported all invoices and credit/debit notes at the document level. It will be automatically calculated from purchase invoices and credit/debit notes.

If you prefer to import the purchase summary separately, you can import the following summary sections in purchase:

Non-Taxable Purchase SummaryConsolidated value of nil-rated, exempt and non-GST inward supplies