Refresh Supplier Names


When you download a GSTR-2A JSON file from GST Portal, it does not contain the name of the supplier. For this reason, if Octa GST doesn't have the master data of your suppliers, it does not show the name of the supplier while viewing or exporting GSTR-2A.

It is very easy to address this issue. All you have to do is add the suppliers in Octa GST. You can import suppliers list using one of the two options as described below:

Just with a click of a button, you can import the name and other contact information from Octa Cloud.

Solution 2: Import suppliers from your ERP

  • Open Octa GST and goto Contact page.
  • Click on Import button on the top.
  • Click on Sample File button and save the sample import file on your computer.
  • Enter or copy paste the details of all your suppliers in the Contacts sheet. Blue columns are mandatory and Green columns are optional.
  • Once the import excel file is ready, simply click on Import button on the Contacts page and import above file.


Once the supplier details are imported, Octa GST will start showing them everywhere including the screens & Excel reports: