E-Invoice/E-WayBill APIs

API – Get IRN by Doc

This API is used to get details of e-Invoice for given document.


GET https://app.octagst.com/api/einvoice/getirnbydoc?gstin={value}&doctype={value}&docno={value}&docdate={value}

Query Parameters

gstinIt specifies GSTIN of seller GSTINMandatory
doctypeIt specifies document typeMandatoryINV: Invoice
CRN: Credit note
DBN: Debit note
docnoIt specifies document numberMandatory
docdateIt specifies document dateMandatoryFormat: DD/MM/YYYY
qrcodeSpecify yes to include QR Code image in responseOptionalyes, no (Default)
qrcodeformatSpecify QR code image formatOptionalPNG (Default), JPEG, GIF
qrcodequalitySpecify QR code image qualityOptionalstandard, high (Default)
pdfSpecify yes to include e-invoive pdf and e-waybill pdf in responseOptionalyes, no (Default)

Success Response

Response payload will contain the success status along with IRN information.

  "Success": true,
  "AckNo": "112010000002315",
  "AckTime": "27/11/2020 17:23:45",
  "IrnStatus": "ACT",
  "Irn": "11f8ef741fe294d4a14aad0b12457e62775d0fdc41a0dcf05b74fbb2ddc47acb",
  "SignedInvoice": "eyJhbGc...gumxIpg",
  "SignedQRCode": "eyJhbGc...oOZvxpw",
  "EwbStatus": "ACT",
  "EwbNo": "191008688443",
  "EwbTime": "27/11/2020 17:23:45",
  "EwbValidTill": "29/11/2020 17:23:45",
  "QRCodeImagePng": "gy72zt...3AAAAAElFTkSuQmCC",
  "QRCodeImageJpeg": null,
  "QRCodeImageGif": null,
  "EinvoicePdf": "i7gahsd...GY899RfTkSueba781Fg",
  "EwbPdf": "utwf19...34566AAAElFTkSuQmCC"

Failure Response

If API request fails for some reason, response payload will contain the failure status and a list of errors.

  "Success": false,
  "Errors": [
      "Code": "ERR_CODE_1",
      "Message": "ERR MESSAGE 1"
      "Code": "ERR_CODE_n",
      "Message": "ERR MESSAGE n"