Octa GST Change Log

Octa GST change history

Version 10.26

Published on May 9, 2022

GSTR-1 Import Offline Tool Format

  • Added the support of latest format of GSTR-1 Govt Offline Tool.

Version 10.25.2

Published on April 15, 2022

GSTR-4 (Annual Return)

  • Updated to generate the GSTR-4 JSON file as per latest schama published by Govt Portal.

Version 10.25.1

Published on April 9, 2022


  • Fixed an issue in JSON file generation for CDNUR section which caused schema validation failure while uploading GSTR-1 JSON file to Govt Portal.

Version 10.25

Published on February 24, 2022

Sales Documents

  • Added the feature to change the document type (e.g. invoice to credit note and invoice to debit note) of an existing sales document.

Purchase Documents

  • Added the feature to change the document type (e.g. invoice to credit note and invoice to debit note) of an existing purchase document.

GSTR-9 Table-8A Import

  • Handled a case when the invalid invoice type (SEWP, SEWOP) are specified in 8A excel file.

Purchase Reconciliation

  • The option to generate invoice details has been made avaialble to all users without having to press Ctrl key.

Version 10.24.5

Published on February 13, 2022

GSTR-2B Annual Report

  • Fixed a rare issue which caused redundant rows in GSTR-2B annual report when an invoice and credit note exists with same document number and document date by the same supplier.

Version 10.24.4

Published on February 11, 2022

GSTR-9 8A Excel Import

  • Fixed a rare import error caused by using the same document number after amendment in same financial year.

Version 10.24.3

Published on February 2, 2022

GSTR-9 8A Excel Import

  • Fixed a rare issue of credit/debit note amendment when GSTIN is also changed.

Version 10.24.2

Published on February 2, 2022

GSTR-9 8A Excel Import

  • Handled the multiple spellings of state name "Chattisgarh".
  • Handled the case when place of supply not available in B2B data.

Version 10.24.1

Published on January 12, 2022

  • Updated the GSTR-9 8A-Excel file to handle the different column names for FY 2018-19.

Version 10.24

Published on January 11, 2022


  • Added the facility to import GSTR-9 8A-Excel file generated by the GST Portal. Octa GST will extract the ITC availability information from 8A-Excel file and use it to calculate Table 8A figures in GSTR-9. 8A-Excel file has to be imported on GSTR-2A page.


  • Fixed an issue of excluding auditor verification section while import JSON file. This issue affects only FY 2019-20 and ealier.

Purchase Reconciliation (GSTR-2A/2B/4A)

  • While doing the basic linking (linking invoices based on invoice numbers), Octa GST will now perform case-insensitive invoice number matching. This will result in invoices getting linked which differ only in case (e.g. INV001 & Inv001)
  • Added the ITC claim period and ITC claim amount (%) in Excel export.
  • Deprecated the GST rate-wise comparison report as it is not used widely because of the complexity of data.


  • While exporting GSTR-2A data to excel, purchase details included extra lines when there are multiple purchase invoices are reported by a supplier with same invoice number. This occurs when a taxpayer amends the invoice number and later reports the invoice with original invoice number again.
  • Added the GSTR-9 8A ITC availability in GSTR-2A tabular/document viewer and Excel export.


  • Added the ITC eligibility information in tablular/document view and Excel export.


  • While calculating the outward liability, diffing algorithm to calculate the difference between B2CS amendment and original records has been updated to align with latest implementation of GST Portal.


  • GSTR-2A Reports: If GSTR-9 8A-Excel has been imported in Octa GST, annual reports will contain the bifurcation of GSTR-2A based on ITC availability in GSTR-9.
  • GSTR-1 Reports: Diffing algorithm to calculate the difference between B2CS amendment and original records has been updated to align with latest implementation of GST Portal.

Version 10.23.1

Published on September 9, 2021

  • Fixed an issue in Octa Sales 2017 template which prevented the successful import of HSN summary when GST rate is specified.

Version 10.23

Published on September 9, 2021

  • Added the facility to check the GSTIN validity in GSTR-1.

Version 10.22

Published on September 3, 2021

  • Updated both client & server to use new Octa GST domain octagst.com.

Version 10.21

Published on August 24, 2021

  • GSTR-9C: Updated for latest GSTR-9C JSON schema. Now auditor certification not required for FY 2020-21 onwards.
  • GSTR-2A/2B Export: When export the GSTR-2A and GSTR-2B data to Excel format, Octa GST will now include the reconciliation action and notes. This can be used to prepare a summary of how much credit is utilised and how much is pending.

Version 10.20.2

Published on August 3, 2021

Fixed an issue in GSTR-2B import process which cause the import failure in case of zero taxable value in "import of goods" invoices.

Version 10.20.1

Published on June 23, 2021

Reference invoice details (invoice no and invoice date) are made optional in CDNR & CDNUR sheets of GSTR-2 import Excel file.

Version 10.20

Published on June 21, 2021

  • Update for GSTR-4A JSON Schema: Updated to align with latest GSTR-4A JSON schema (CDNR section).
  • Reconciliation: Added the name of the business and state in top to identify the business you are working on.
  • Support of LTR unit: Added the support of LTR UQC in standard UQC list.

Version 10.19

Published on June 16, 2021

  • Added the facility to start trial from with-in the application. This helps new users get started with application trial quickly.
  • Updated GSTR-4A JSON schema as per latest GSTN specification.

Version 10.18

Published on June 9, 2021

# Updated the master HSN code list

Master HSN code list has been updated as per the latest HSN code database used by GST Portal. This master list can be viewed and searched by the users. Also, issue checker has been updated to raise an issue when an HSN code doesn't exist in master list.

# Better representation of HSN errors

When GSTR-1 JSON file is uploaded and there is an issue in HSN summary table, GST Portal generates an error file. Octa GST has been updated to represent those errors in a user-friendly way which shows exactly which HSN code has the issue.

Version 10.17

Published on May 24, 2021

# Added Support of Read-Only Users


This is applicable for Octa GST Professional and Premium subscriptions only.

While creating users of Octa GST Server, now you can define a user as read-only so that the user can only view the data and cannot make any changes.