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Superfast view & download of GST returns

Manage all your GSTINs from a single dashboard

Convenient login & access of all GSTINs from the dashboard

  • Add unlimited GSTINs
  • Save the login information of all GSTINs you manage
  • Login to any GSTIN with just on click
  • Don't want to save the password? No problem, its easy to opt-out.
  • Search the saved GSTINs by company name, GSTIN, or state-name
  • Use from any computer, access all GSTINs
  • View company names, GSTINs and state-names on a single dashboard
Octa Portal home screen
Add multiple GSTINs in Octa Portal and login with just one click

Download GST returns of whole financial year in one click

Boost the productivity of your GST team

  • Check the status of GST returns data generation
  • Regenerate the GST returns data files
  • Download JSON data of whole financial year in one click
  • Support of GSTR-1 JSON download
  • Support of GSTR-2A JSON download
  • Support of GSTR-2B JSON download
  • Support of GSTR-3B JSON download
  • Support of GSTR-4 JSON download
  • Support of GSTR-9 JSON download
  • Support of GSTR-9C JSON download
Download JSON data of GST returns
Download data of whole financial year in just one click

Instantly view GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B of any period

Simple tabular summary view of GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B

  • Simple, tabular view of all tables in GST return
  • Access return filed for any past tax-period
  • Quick selection of financial year
  • Quick switching of GSTIN
  • Preview of GSTR-1 summary
  • Preview of GSTR-3B summary
GSTR-3B view
View the summary of filed GSTR-1 or GSTR-3B of any period

Download GSTR-1/2A/2B/4A in Excel format

Accurate & complete data in easy-to-access format

  • Single consolidated Excel export of each period irrespective of the number of invoices
  • Complete report including trade names of counter-parties
  • Download the Excel files of whole financial year one click
  • Generate new data of all periods in financial year in one click
  • Friendly timestamp of the time when data was originally generated
  • Support of GSTR-1 Excel
  • Support of GSTR-2A Excel
  • Support of GSTR-2B Excel
  • Support of GSTR-4A Excel
  • Support of GSTR-9 Table-8A Excel
  • Support of GSTR-9C Excel
GST Returns Report
Download the data of GST returns in Excel format

Download GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B summary in PDF format

Download PDF files of return summary in Govt format

  • PDF files in Govt Portal format
  • Download PDF files of the whole financial year in just one click
  • Support of GSTR-1/IFF
  • Support of GSTR-3B
GSTR-3B summary PDF download
Download the GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B PDF summary all periods in the financial year

Cash, Credit, and Liability Ledgers

View the full statement or download in Excel format

  • View the current balance of each ledger
  • View the full statement of each ledger for the complete financial year
  • Ability to view the statement of each tax head seperately (Integrated tax, Central Tax, State/UT Tax, Cess)
  • Facility to download the ledger statement in Excel format
GST Returns
View cash, credit, and liability ledgers or download statements in Excel format

Ensured security and privacy

We care deeply about your privacy!

  • GSTIN information is saved in ISO:27001 compliant AWS data centers.
  • Passwords are saved in secure storage using industry standard 128-bit encryption.
  • GSTIN information is never transmitted over insecure communication channels. We use TLS 1.2 transport security with minimum 128-bit encryption.
  • Passwords are encrypted during transport resulting in dual-layer security of password.
  • You are in control of whether to save passwords or not. Saving the password is optional.
  • GST returns data is downloaded directly from Govt Portal to your computer, ensuring no-one else can see GST returns data.
  • No-one in our technical or support team can access the customer data.
GST Returns
Secure password storage, downloads directly from Govt Portal to user's own computer

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