Octa GST - Version 7

Released on October 3, 2018

A lot of improvements in information display, data processing and work-flows that will make boost your productivity even further. This release brings a major shift in interface design which will enable a number of features that we are planning to introduce in near future. We are super excited to make this release available to you and we hope you will like the changes. You can read more about the design changes on our blog.

Sales & Purchase

  • No global selection of GSTIN and return period. A consolidated view of transactions of multiple GSTINs and periods.
  • Dynamic selection of GSTIN and return period while importing/export business transactions.
  • Facility to apply GSTIN and return period filters in search box.


  • Facility to add multiple GST Portal files in one go.
  • Consolidated view of all GST Portal files.
  • Facility to clear multiple data files in one go.

GSTR-2A & Purchase Reconciliation

  • Redesigned interface with in-line export of mismatch report of individual suppliers.
  • Ability to change the GSTIN and reconciliation period on the fly.
  • Facility to apply various filters in invoice comparison view.


  • Redesigned single screen for return overview and work-flows.
  • Dynamic selection of GSTIN and return period within the return modules.

Business Configuration

  • Facility to delete GSTIN and returns information. This is useful if a GSTIN or return information is added accidentally.