Octa GST - Version 7.7.1

Released on December 13, 2018

  • Added support of HSN summary in GSTR-9 with following methods:
    • Automatically calculate HSN summary from sales/purchase data
    • Import of HSN summary from Excel file
    • Manual entry of HSN summary
  • Added support of automatic HSN summary adjustment in GSTR-1 based on sales returns (credit notes)
  • Improved GSTR-3B JSON file compatibility with GST Portal data
  • Added support of supplier and receiver action information in GSTR-1 Excel export
  • Included exempt and nil rated sales in taxable value calculation of GSTR-1 HSN summary
  • Added the check point in sales data validation to indicate if same invoice has already been reported in earlier tax periods.
  • Added the check point in purchase data validation to indicate if same purchase invoice has already been added in earlier tax periods.