Octa GST - Version 5.5

Released on December 24, 2017

  • Added the functionality to export the complete set of sales and purchase data of any return period to Excel file. This feature can be used to as an external backup of any return data set. The generated file can be imported back in Octa GST.
  • Made the total invoice/voucher value field optional in Octa GST Excel import file. If you leave it blank, Octa GST will auto-calculate the invoice/voucher value using on line items.
  • Made the reference voucher value optional in Octa GST Excel import file (SalesDocuments sheet).
  • Addressed a rare issue which could affect GSTR-1 to Excel functionality in GSTN Tools.
  • Made the ignorable amount (the amount difference that may be ignored) manually editable. Earlier it was possible to select only from the list of values.
  • Other performance and reliability improvements.