Octa GST - Version 5.11

Released on February 24, 2018

  • Updated to incorporate the changes in GSTR-1 technical specification and JSON schema as per GST Portal.
  • Added the tax adjustment algorithm to match the tax amount calculations with GST Portal. GST portal has recently applied very strict checks on the tax amount. This is done to ensure successful upload of GSTR-1 return when there is very small difference in the tax amount calculated by GST portal.
  • Added support of importing GSTR-1 Excel file v1.5 of GST offline tool.
  • Added support of intra-state"deemed export" sale.
  • Added support of "deemed export" purchase.
  • Reason field removed in credit/debit notes of sales. This is no longer needed as per GSP Portal specification.
  • Modified to remember the last used GSTIN and return period for every data file.
  • Added support of negative values in HSN summary.