Octa GST - Version 4

Released on November 9, 2017

  • Octa GST can now import the GSTR-2 Excel and CSV files in GSTOffline Tool format. This excel file format is exported by most ERP and accounting software packages like Tally, Busy and Marg. Now you can easily import the purchase data in Octa GST and reconcile it with GSTR-2 data available on GST Portal.
  • Added the facility to manually provide non-taxable and HSN summary details.
  • Now you can Accept the supplier reported invoices without entering it in your purchase data.
  • In GSTR-2 matching, Octa GST used to show a mismatch if there was a difference of more than ₹1 in taxable or tax amount. Now you can configure this limit as per your preference.
  • In addition to generate JSON that can be uploaded to portal, you can also export the GSTR-2 return data to Excel file. This file contains all data which is reported in return. This file is useful for updating the account books based on return submitted and for future reference.
  • GST Portal’s recent recommendations about GSTR-2 has been incorporated in Octa GST. These rules will reduce the chances of errors during return upload.