Octa GST - Version 10.14

Released on April 23, 2021

Enhancement in GST Reports

  • Added the support of combined report for multiple GSTINs
  • Added the support of TCS & TDS in GSTR-2A Summary report

Purchase Export (Excel)

  • Added ITC claim information
    • ITC claim period: The period in which ITC is claimed in GSTR-3B
    • ITC claim percentage: How much ITC is claimed in GSTR-3B?
  • Added reconciliation information
    • Reconciliation Status: Purchase document status as marked in 2A/2B reconciliation
    • Reconciliation Notes: Notes written to specific document during 2A/2B reconciliation


  • Added the facility to select individual business GSTINs while exporting data of GST returns.
  • Default period for source documents in GSTR-3B of ITC claim changed to match with GSTR-3B period.
  • Minor UI & usability improvements