Octa GST - Version 10.10

Released on January 8, 2021

# Differential GSTR-1 (Update only the differences in documents)

Added the option to prepare the differential GSTR-1 JSON file. Now you can add GSTR-1 data, that is already available on GST Portal, to Octa GST and only those documents will be included in JSON file which needs to be added, updated or deleted.

This feature is especially useful when the B2B invoices are already populated in GSTR-1 via e-invoice system. Using the differential GSTR-1 JSON file, you can upload the remaining data and keep the auto-popuated e-invoice data same.

# IRN Information in filed GSTR-1

Octa GST is now updated to import and save IRN information available in filed GSTR-1 data. This information can be viewed and exported to Excel files.