Octa GST Change Log

Version 7.3.3

Published on October 26, 2018

  • Added support of more GST Portal transaction codes in GSTR-3B liabilities and payments.

Version 7.3.1

Published on October 24, 2018

  • New: Support of GSTR-3B printing. Double click on GSTR-3B return and click Print or Export.
  • New: Added support of GSTR-1 and GSTR-2A download in Octa GST Assistant.
  • Improvement: Added the filter by original/amendment voucher in purchase-GSTR2A reconciliation.
  • Improvement: Showed the original and amendment details on reconciliation screen and mismatch report.
  • Improvement: Modified the supplier summary in purchase-GSTR2A reconciliation to exclude the tax if a voucher has been amended by supplier.
  • Fixed: While importing GSTR-1, handled a rare case when null fields are received in GSTR-1.
  • Fixed: an issue in smart linking to prevent crash if multiple vouchers with same voucher no exists in purchase data.

Version 7.2

Published on October 20, 2018

Added support of GST Returns annual report. The annual report contains the:

  • GSTR-1 month-wise summary
  • GSTR-2A month-wise summary
  • GSTR-3B month-wise summary
  • Month-wise comparison of GSTR-3B and GSTR-1
  • Month-wise comparison of GSTR-3B and GSTR-2A

Version 7.1.2

Published on October 15, 2018

Fixed an issue which affected the voucher linking in GSTR-2A and purchase reconciliation in some cases.

Version 7.1.1

Published on October 14, 2018

Fixed an issue which caused failure to add GSTR-3B in Octa GST in some cases.

Version 7.1

Published on October 12, 2018

  • Facility to download GSTR-3B JSON file from GST Portal using Google Chrome extension (Octa GST Assistant) available on Chrome Web Store. GSTR-3B JSON file can now be added in Octa GST to view and export the data to Excel format.
  • Facility to add GSTR-1 file in Octa GST. Once added, GSTR-1 data can be exported to Excel format.
  • GSTR-2A and Purchase reconciliation improved with configurable options to include/exclude reverse charge or not filed invoices.
  • GSTR-2A and Purchase reconciliation improved to provide better supplier-wise summary and progress indication.
  • Added support of new range of GSTINs as per latest GSTN technical specification.

Version 7

Published on October 3, 2018

A lot of improvements in information display, data processing and work-flows that will make boost your productivity even further. This release brings a major shift in interface design which will enable a number of features that we are planning to introduce in near future. We are super excited to make this release available to you and we hope you will like the changes. You can read more about the design changes on our blog.

Sales & Purchase

  • No global selection of GSTIN and return period. A consolidated view of transactions of multiple GSTINs and periods.
  • Dynamic selection of GSTIN and return period while importing/export business transactions.
  • Facility to apply GSTIN and return period filters in search box.


  • Facility to add multiple GST Portal files in one go.
  • Consolidated view of all GST Portal files.
  • Facility to clear multiple data files in one go.

GSTR-2A & Purchase Reconciliation

  • Redesigned interface with in-line export of mismatch report of individual suppliers.
  • Ability to change the GSTIN and reconciliation period on the fly.
  • Facility to apply various filters in invoice comparison view.


  • Redesigned single screen for return overview and work-flows.
  • Dynamic selection of GSTIN and return period within the return modules.

Business Configuration

  • Facility to delete GSTIN and returns information. This is useful if a GSTIN or return information is added accidentally.

Version 6.18

Published on September 28, 2018

  • Fixed an issue in splitting GSTR-1 JSON files if sales data contains amendments.
  • Updated GSTR-4 generation for latest GSTR-4 schema released by GSTN.

Version 6.17

Published on September 6, 2018

  • GSTR-2A reconciliation: Allowed all return periods while auto-adding invoices in purchase data during reconciliation with GSTR-2A. Earlier the list of available return periods was restricted.
  • GSTR-2A reconciliation: While showing the supplier-wise summary, total tax now excludes the tax amount if return is not filed by supplier.
  • Improved the error handling during Excel file import mechanism.
  • Minor performance and user interface improvements.

Version 6.16

Published on August 24, 2018

  • GSTR-2A Reconciliation: Fixed the issue when search by supplier name was not working when purchase invoices are not entered.
  • GSTR-2A Mismatch Report: Updated to stop redundant export of missing invoices. Now missing invoices are exported in a single line only.
  • GSTR-2A Import: Fixed a rare issue when credit/debit note amendments are not imported.
  • Tally Purchase Data Import: Improved the compatibility with Tally generated GSTR-2 Excel files.
  • Contact_Item Selection: Updated to show the full list of contacts_items when no search text is entered. This will be useful to browse all contacts/items for selection.

Version 6.15.1

Published on August 21, 2018

GSTR-2A Reconciliation: Updated to better handle an edge case where invoice date in purchase data and supplier data are significantly different.

Version 6.15

Published on August 18, 2018

Purchase reconciliation with GSTR-2A

  • Added the functionality to generate mismatch report for a single supplier. Very useful if you wish to share the mismatch report with your supplier.
  • Improved pattern matching with option to link using multiple patterns.

Version 6.14

Published on August 4, 2018

Purchase reconciliation with GSTR-2A

  • View the total and pending count in supplier-wise summary.
  • Introducing Smart Linking in invoice no. Now link thousands of invoices in seconds even if invoice number in purchase data and GSTR-2A is different.

Version 6.13

Published on July 25, 2018

  • Huge performance optimizations in all import and export operations. Now export the GSTR-2A mismatch report at blazing fast speed even with thousands of invoices.
  • Facility to reconcile all purchase transactions with GSTR-2A in one go. Even if the transactions are spread across multiple financial years.
  • Keywords export in GSTR-2A mismatch report. You can use this facility to tag your purchase transaction to track them later. For example, if you have purchase transactions in multiple business units, you can tag the unit names with your purchase transactions and easily track or filter them in mismatch report.
  • Fixed an issue in incorrect data export in case of credit/debit note amendments. This issue has no impact on GSTR-1 return data.

Version 6.12

Published on July 5, 2018

  • Sale from Custom Bonded Warehouses: Octa GST now supports logging and reporting sale and purchase from custom bonded warehouse. Updated GSTR-1, GSTR-2A, GSTR-3B and GSTR-4A to support the same.
  • GSTR-4A: Support of GSTR-4A introduced. You can view and export GSTR-4A to excel format.
  • Self Invoice Printing: Support of printing self-invoice in purchase.
  • Printing Customization: Support of customization for color and top margin to support printed letterheads.
  • Enhanced License Protocol: Enhanced the license protocol to make it more robust for various networks. This is applicable only for Professional Subscription.
  • GSTR-2A Reconciliation: Enhanced the mismatch report format for missing vouchers.

Version 6.11

Published on June 29, 2018

  • Added the facility to pick the return period while adding the purchase voucher during GSTR-2A reconciliation.
  • Added the facility to select the period in GSTR-2A reconciliation and mismatch report.
  • Authorized signatory support in sales invoice printing.
  • Support of viewing and exporting ISD documents in GSTR-2A.
  • Various UI improvements.

Version 6.10.2

Published on June 22, 2018

  • Fixed an issue which can cause failure in export of GSTR-2A Mismatch Report.

Version 6.10.1

Published on June 18, 2018

  • Digital signature applied to installable and application.
  • Minor UI improvements.

Version 6.10

Published on June 17, 2018

  • GSTR-2A Reconciliation: Supplier-wise summary in GSTR-2A reconciliation module.
  • GSTR-2A Reconciliation: Automatic suggestion in case of manual matching of purchase vouchers.
  • GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B: Updates in JSON schema as per latest GSTN specification.
  • GSTR-1: Handled the rare case when GSTR-1 JSON file is not accepted by GST Portal because of file size.

Version 6.9

Published on June 8, 2018

Improved reconciliation with GSTR-2A

  • Update GSTR-2A files in Octa GST without affecting the existing reconciliation status.
  • Search by voucher type (e.g. Invoices, credit notes, debit notes).
  • Add your own notes to invoices to keep track of reconciliation.
  • Update the reconciliation status even when there is no voucher in supplier data.


  • GSTR-1: Support of amendments of all sections.
  • GSTR-1 Export/Cleanup: Export or clean up GSTR-1 including amendments.
  • GSTR-2A: View and export auto-populated amendments.