Please follow these steps if you have Octa GST Professional subscription. These steps describe how to install Octa GST Server (version 8.0), migrate the subscription and configure it with all your existing business data.

# Step-1: Install Octa GST Server

Simply download Octa GST Server setup from Download page and install it on your server. All your users will connect to this server while working on Octa GST, so this server must always be running. Also Octa GST performance will depend on this server’s hardware configuration so please choose a server suitable as per your transaction load. Transactions load depends on:

  • Number of concurrent users (users simultaneously working on Octa GST)
  • Number of business files (companies)
  • Number of invoices in a financial year

The minimum hardware configuration for different transaction load are shown below:

Transaction Load Minimum Hardware Configuration
Up to 10 companies, 1 lakh invoices 2 Cores, 4 GB Memory
Up to 50 companies, 5 lakh invoices 4 Cores, 8 GB Memory
More than 20 users, 50 companies, 5 lakh invoices 6 Cores, 16 GB Memory, SSD recommended

Once Octa GST Server is installed, you will find the Octa GST Server icon on your desktop. Double click to start Octa GST Server.

# Step-2: Transfer the subscription

Before you activate Octa GST Server, you will have to deactivate Octa GST License Server. On the computer/server where Octa GST License Server is installed, please run it and click on Deactivate button on the Home screen. Enter your account details and deactivate the subscription.

Once the subscription has been deactivated, it can be used to activate new Octa GST Server. Simply enter your subscription key and account details to activate Octa GST Server.

# Step-3: Configure Octa GST Server

When you start Octa GST Server for first time, it will detect that your server needs to be configured and it will show you below screen. Simply click on Setup button and all configuration will be done automatically. Click on Restart button to restart application.

Octa GST Server needs to be configured

Octa GST Server configured successfully

If you prefer to configure the location where all your business data will stored, click on the Data Store Change button and select the new location. It is strongly recommended that you select a location on the server’s own hard drive. Please do not select the location on any network drive. Also, copy all your business files (*.octg) to this location.

Octa GST Server start screen

When you start the server for the first time, it will ask to setup an Administrator password. This administrator account will be used to create & manage other user accounts.

Set admin password on Octa GST Server

# Step-4: Upgrade Octa GST on users’ computers

Download the latest version of Octa GST and update on all the client computers. After upgrading, start Octa GST on client computer, click Connect button and enter the server address and admin credentials.

Connect to Octa GST Server

Once connected, you can click on Manage button and create more users. You can create unlimited users and configure the access permissions.