# Overview

Octa GST assistant is a simple & FREE Chrome & Firefox extension, which helps you quickly download various GST return data from GST Portal. You can download following return data for a single return period or for the whole financial year in just one click:

  • GSTR-1 JSON files
  • GSTR-2A JSON files
  • GSTR-2A Excel files
  • GSTR-3B JSON files
  • GSTR-9 JSON files (System Computed Summary)
  • GSTR-4 JSON files
  • GSTR-4A JSON files

# How to install?


Octa GST Assistant works on Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser only.

Browser Description Installation
Go to Chrome Web Store by clicking the button below and click on Add to Chrome button.
Firefox Go to Mozilla Firefox add-on store by clicking the button below and click on Add to Firefox button.

# How to use?

Once the Octa GST Assistant has been installed, you will see Octa GST icon in the top right corner of your browser.

  • Login to GST Portal using your credentials and open the Return Dashboard.
  • As soon as Return Dashboard is opened in GST Portal, extension will become active (color will be changed to Blue). Simply click the button in the toolbar to access and download the return data.
  • You can add this downloaded GST returns file in Octa GST to view or export them to Excel format. You can also generate a consolidated annual report of all GST returns.