# Introduction

Ewaybill is a document that is generated in the electronic format on the common e-way bill system (Ewaybill Portal). Ewaybill generation is mandatory in certain cases before the inter-state and intra-state movement of goods in India. It can be generated online directly on Ewaybill Portal or using the Excel Utility provided by Govt.

Using the e-way bill system portal for Ewaybill generation is feasible if you are dealing with few Ewaybills only. For bulk Ewaybill generation, you can use Excel Utility but this Excel Utility is also difficult to use because of embedded macros, slow processing and poor presentation of validation errors. Since Ewaybill generation is an on-going activity that needs to be performed daily or even multiple times a day, it is essential that this process is quick & efficient. Octa EWB Tool is designed to provide the fast & efficient Ewaybill generation mechanism to all taxpayers and transporters.

# How to install?

Octa EWB Tool is a desktop software which can be downloaded and installed in seconds. Simply download and run the setup (OctaEwbTool.msi). It requires Windows 7 SP1 or later and Microsoft .NET framework 4.5.

# How to use?

Using Octa EWB Tool is extremely simple. On the first run, it will ask for GSTIN(s) of your business. This needs to be done only once and your business details will be saved for future use.

Once configured, simply drag and drop the EWB Excel file on the main screen of Octa WEB Tool and it will generate the Ewaybill JSON file with the same name and location. You can convert following files to JSON format:

Govt Ewaybill Excel Format
Govt Excel Template

You can directly convert the Excel file of Govt EWB offline utility template.

Octa Ewaybill Excel Format
Octa EWB Template (Excel & CSV files)

You can convert Excel & CSV files in Octa EWB format.


Octa EWB Excel format is same as Govt format but it is a lot more convenient to use because it is very light weight and does not contain any macros. Please refer the Help sheet in excel file if you are are unsure about what to fill in each column.

Once the EWB JSON file is generated, you can upload it to Ewaybill Portal and generate the Ewaybills.

# FAQs

Are there any charges of using Octa EWB Tool or Free?
Octa EWB Tool is being offered for free to everyone. It is absolutely free.

What is the difference in Govt and Octa EWB Excel format?
Octa EWB fields are exactly same as Govt format. This was done to facilitate easy and seamless integration with your ERP system if it is already generating Excel/CSV files in Govt format. At the same time, Octa EWB Excel format is a lot easier and safer to use because it doesn't have slow formulas, validation and macros.

Can I convert CSV or tab-delimited files?
Sure! Octa GST supports both comma-separated and tab-delimited text files. Simply drop the text file on Octa EWB Tool and it will be converted to EWB JSON instantly.

What happens if there are some errors in my Excel file?
Octa EWB Tool will apply a number of validations to make sure the correct Ewaybill is generated. If Excel file contains some incorrect data, Octa EWB Tool will show the errors in user friendly manners with understandable messages so that correct the errors and try again.

Where is EWB JSON file generated?
EWB JSON file is generated at the same location and with same as source Excel/CSV file.

Will my Ewaybill data remain private?
We understand your business data is sensitive in nature and we fully respect your privacy. That is why Octa EWB Tool is developed as a standalone offline tool. It generates the ewaybill JSON file without needing any access to internet.