e-Invoice API Configuration

This article explains:

  • How to create an API account on Govt e-invoice portal?
  • How to setup Octa Cloud for e-invoice APIs?
  • How to generate ERP Access Key in Octa Cloud?

# Step-1: Create API account on Govt e-Invoice Portal


Govt e-Invoice Portal will send an OTP to the registered mobile number. This OTP is required to generate the API user. This is the mobile number which gets the notification SMS when you file the GST returns.

  • Login to Govt e-invoice portal
  • Goto API Registration > User Credentials > Create API User. System will send an OTP to registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to continue.
  • Select the option Through GSP
  • Select GSP: Chartered Information Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Select the API username and password
  • Click Submit

# Step-2: Setup API account in Octa Cloud

  • Login to the Octa Cloud Portal. If you don't have an account, please use the Register button on the login page to create a new account.
  • Click on Services button in the top bar.
  • In the Octa Bills (e-invoicing APIs) box, click on Manage button.
  • In the GSTINs section, Click on the Add button.
  • Specify your GSTIN information. Fields marked with * are mandatory.
  • Under GSP Account column, click on Configure button.
  • Enter the API Username and password generated on Govt e-invoice portal in the Step-1.
  • Keep the This is a sandbox account checkbox Unchecked and status as Active.
  • Click on Add button. Your account credentials will be verified. Credentials will be saved if correct, otherwise you will get an error.

# Step-3: Generate ERP Access Key

  • Login to Octa Cloud Portal and go to e-invoice API page (as described in Step-2).
  • Under ERP Access Keys, click on the New button. This will generate a new ERP Key and display on screen. This key will be displayed only once. So please note the Key Id and Key Secret shown on the screen.
  • This Key Id and Key Secret can be configured in the ERP to generate e-invoices online.