New GST Returns

GST ANX-2 is applicable for new GST returns which is going through a public trial currently. New GST returns are scheduled to roll out with effect from Sep 1, 2020.

# Download from GST Portal

Please follow below steps to download ANX-2 JSON file from GST Portal:

  • Login to GST Portal with your credentials.
  • Select the financial year & return filing period
  • Select Form: GST ANX-2
  • Select preparation mode: Upload/Download JSON
  • Click PROCEED
  • Click on GENERATE JSON FILE TO DOWNLOAD button. Don't change any other selection.

# Add to Octa GST

  • Open ANX-2 page in Octa GST.
  • Click on Add button and select the ANX-2 JSON file(s) downloaded from GST Portal.
  • Click on Start button to start the import process.

# View Documents

To view the ANX-2 documents, simply click on View button on ANX-2 page. This will open a screen which will show all the ANX-2 documents. You may use the search box to find or filter the documents.

# Export Documents

You can export all ANX-2 documents to Excel format using the Export button on ANX-2 page.

Coming Soon

Matching and reconciliation functionality for ANX-2 will be released once the full technical specification is made available by GST Portal.