# Trial

Can I try Octa GST before buying?
Certainly! We believe you should know exactly what you are buying before paying for it. Once you register your account, you can generate a trial subscription which is valid for 14 days.

How can I start the trial subscription?
Register your account on Octa Cloud and generate a trial subscription key. Enter this subscription key in Octa GST to activate.

Is there any difference in Octa GST features for trial and paid subscription?
You will get a free 14 days trial of Standard subscription which allows unlimited GSTINs and invoices. There are certain limitations of trial subscription:

  • GSTR-1 to Excel conversion will export first 50 line items only.
  • GSTR-2A to Excel conversion will export first 50 line items only.
  • Mismatch Report of purchase reconciliation will export first 25 invoices only.
  • Customers with paid subscription will get priority support.

# Pricing

Does the price include the taxes?
No. Subscription prices are exclusive of taxes.

I am eligible to claim input tax credit. How can I get the tax invoice of Octa GST?
Yes. We will issue a tax invoice and you may claim ITC if you are eligible. Please make sure that you update your GSTIN in your profile before placing the order. Once an invoice is issued, it will not be possible to update it with your GSTIN. You will receive an email containing the Tax Invoice and Subscription Key once the order is processed. You may also download the Tax invoice anytime from the Orders page of Octa Cloud.

Is there any discount if I buy multiple subscriptions?
Yes. If you buy 3 or more Standard subscriptions from same account, you can get a discount. Please check our pricing page for the discounted price.

Discount is not available for Professional or Premium subscriptions.

Is there any additional charge for new versions and updates?
No. All updates and new versions are available to all active subscribers at no additional cost.

Can I buy a subscription of shorter period than one year?
No. Only annual subscriptions are available.

# Payments

Which payment modes are supported?
We accept online payments made using all major credit cards, debit cards, Internet-banking, mobile wallets and UPI. If you prefer, you can also pay via NEFT.

Do you support international credit cards?

Can I place order using a mobile device (phone or tablet)?
Yes. Our website is compatible and tested on mobile devices.

Can I pay using NEFT?
Yes. Our bank account details is displayed on our Customer Portal after you place the order.

Can I pay offline (cheque / DD / cash)?
No. We accept only online payments.

How do you ensure the security of payment details (card/bank)?
We use a industry leading PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway (Razorpay). Your payment details are used by Razorpay directly. We don’t access or store your card/bank details.

Transaction failed while paying for the order. What should I do?
Please first check the bank account or card that you used to make the payment.

If the money has not been deducted from your account, you can safely retry the payment. Go to Orders page on Customer Portal and select the order which failed. Click on Pay Online button and make the payment.

If the payment has been deducted from your card/account, then check the Orders page on Customer Portal. If the order is still pending, please wait for 2 business days. As soon as we receive the payment confirmation from your bank, we will process the order and issue the subscription.

# Refunds

Can I cancel my subscription after paying? Will I get a refund?
No. Once an order has been placed, it cannot be refunded.

# Support

What type of support will I get?
We offer phone, email and WhatsApp support. For more details, visit our support page.

Will Octa GST be regularly updated to keep up with the latest government notifications?
Octa GST is developed to simplify the GST return filing and we will make all reasonable efforts to keep it updated for latest govt notifications and changes in GSTN technical specifications. But because of complex nature of these changes, it might take some time before these updates are available.

# Subscription Usage

How many computers can use one subscription?
In case of Standard subscriptions, one subscription can be used on one computer only. Professional or Premium subscription can be used on multiple computers.

Is there any limitation on number of companies/business I can create?
No. You can create any number of data files for companies/businesses.

Is there any limitation on number of GSTINs I can work on?
No. You can work on as many GSTINs as you wish.

Is there any limitation on number or type of GST returns?
No. You can prepare all GST returns that Octa GST supports without any limitations.

Is there any restriction on how many people can use it on a computer?
Multiple people can use the Octa GST on same computer as long as only one person is using at any given time.

Can I transfer my subscription from one computer to another?
Yes. You can transfer a subscription to a different computer but to prevent the abuse of this facility, it is restricted to a fixed number of transfers. Please check the subscription details on Octa Cloud for the number of transfers allowed for a subscription.

# Subscription Expiry

What happens to my installation of Octa GST when my subscription expires?
You will not be able to enter the invoices and other business documents with a date later than subscription expiry date. All major features will stop working after the subscription expires. Please make sure you renew your subscription in advance to avoid any disruption in service.

What happens to my data if the subscription ends?
Your data will not be changed or deleted by Octa GST. You can access it again in future using a valid Octa GST subscription.

# Renewal

How can I renew my subscription?
Go to the Octa Cloud website and login to your account. On the Buy page, you can buy the renewal of any subscription which is already expired or about to expire.

How can I update Octa GST after renewing the subscription?
Simply connect to internet, start Octa GST and wait for few seconds. Your subscription will be updated automatically. You can verify this on the home screen of Octa GST.

Can I renew my subscription before the subscription expiry?
Yes. You can renew your subscription 1 month before it expires. We recommend that you renew the subscription timely to avoid any disruption in your work. Please note that even if you renew your subscription before expiry, it will still be extended from the expiry date and you will not lose any subscription period.

Can I renew my subscription after the subscription expiry?
If you have forgotten to renew a subscription and it has expired, you can still renew it. Go to the Octa Cloud and login to your account. On the Buy page, you can buy the renewal of expired subscription. In this case, renewal will be applicable from current date.

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