Introducing Octa GST

Announcing the release of Octa GST software

Published: August 23, 2017

Today we are announcing the first public release of Octa GST app. Using this app, anyone can generate GST returns quickly and accurately.

A great effort is being put into developing the GST ecosystem and many service providers are offering different ways to file GST returns. When we started with the concept of Octa GST, we decided to approach the solution keeping two goals in mind.

# Smooth Business Integration

Enable the GST return filing with minimal changes in existing business processes.

In order to achieve this goal, we designed the application such that data of all business transactions can be entered by the user in a natural manner. Octa GST asks for those inputs only which are readily available & known to the user. In addition to that, app work-flows are user centric and not driven by rules of GST returns. For example, when a sales invoice is entered, user does not have to decide whether the invoice belongs to B2B or B2CL or B2C (Others) section of GSTR-1. Octa GST app does it for the user.

# Data Privacy & Security

Ensure the security and privacy of business/financial data.

In early stage of application development, we contact many customers. Almost all the customers expressed serious concerns about the security of their financial data. Many customers preferred that their financial data never leaves their business premises. s We solved the issue of ensuring security & privacy of business data, by eliminating the problem itself. We decided to deliver a desktop app with robust local storage engine. In Octa GST, user’s data stays where user chooses to store it. The user remains assured that his data is protected. It is a win-win situation.

We hope that Octa GST has achieved both above goals and provides a simple interface which is a pleasure to use.

We are very excited to offer this app & hope you will like it. Please send us your feedbacks or comments. We will be glad to hear from you.