Designing the User Experience of Octa GST

How to make a GST software which is both powerful and easy to use?

Published: September 9, 2017

When a user starts using a new software, invariably there are few things to learn. Some software are quick to get started, some has a steep learning curve. This post explain our approach to designing the user expereince of Octa GST.

# Make it instantly familiar

No one likes to read long user manuals.

When we started out with Octa, one of the design goal for our user experience team was to maximise the use of existing & established user interface patterns. Today almost every person is using a smart phone. Many are using tablets. We designed a user interface which is instantly familiar to all smart phone users.

For example, in mobile apps, there are no complex menus & toolbars. No need to click File > Save. No requirement of creating and maintaining a database. Similarly in Octa GST, you simply work on the app and all your work is automatically saved. You may close the app anytime without losing any part of your data. Even if power of your computer goes down, all your work till the last moment is preserved.

Octa GST presents a simple user interface with a clear visual hierarchy. This ensure that a user is never lost between different screens. Octa GST also uses subtle animations to guide the users while navigating between different screens.

# Don’t burden the user with GST jargon

There are certain basic aspects of indirect taxation which every business owner should be familiar with. This is necessary in order to remain compliant with GST act. For example, knowing the rate of GST for a specific item, when to charge a specific type of GST etc.

User is not expected to learn the tables of GST returns.

Apart from that, Octa GST does not expect the user to understand the intricacies of GST returns. For example, it does not expect that user will know the difference between B2C and B2CL, where credit/debit notes will be reported, how exempt or nil rated supplies should be reported, what goes in HSN summary table and how to group various supplies etc.

User never becomes uncomfortable while using the software because Octa GST never presents a question which user cannot answer.

With Octa GST, we have tried to make a software which makes you productive in minutes, not days.