Comparison of Octa GST with GSTN Offline Tools

What are advantages of using Octa GST over GST offline tools?

Published: December 5, 2017

There are many solutions available in market to help in GST compliance. Official GST Portal also offers a set of offline tools to assist in GST return filing. But Octa GST has some distinct set of features which deliver a great value to its users.

Feature GSTN Offline Tools Octa GST
Data Privacy Yes Yes
Accessibility Works without internet Works without internet
Ease of Use Multiple Tools for different returns Single tool for everything
Data Management History not maintained Efficient data management as per taxpayer GSTIN & PAN
Import Process Yes but difficult to analyse the issue if import fails Yes! Friendly, flexible and robust import assistant
Importing Excel Files in GSTN Format Yes but some sheets are not imported Yes
Importing Raw Business Documents No! Only processed data in GSTN format is imported Yes! Auto generates the return using business documents
Data Storage Simple JSON File Storage Robust power-fail safe structured storage engine
Reconciliation Not Supported Automatic matching and reconciliation, Detailed mismatch report
ITC Claim One by one for every GST rate Flexible and bulk ITC claim
Large Data Handling Limited to 1 JSON file and 19000 records Unlimited records, auto-split of data in multiple JSON files
Large Data Performance Performance degrades significantly Fast response even with thousands of invoices
GSTR-2A Support View Only View & Export to Excel

If you are dealing with only a few invoices then using the GSTN Offline Tools may be feasible. But if you need to manage any non-trivial amount of data, then using the right tool can increase your productivity many times and also reduce the chances of errors in return data.

Choose wisely!