About the Pricing of Octa GST

Why Octa GST is free at launch?

Published: August 30, 2017


Octa GST is no longer a free product and its pricing has been announced.

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# Why Octa GST is free?

There are lot of uncertainties because of GST introduction. We don’t want to take commercial advantage of current situation. We don't want to sell anything unless we are 100% sure that our software meets the requirements of our customers. The reality is that no-one is actually 100% ready. Even GSTN is rapidly changing. Government is issuing new notifications & clarifications almost every day.

GST is a big change in the way business is done in India. Everyone is learning as they move forward. Unless you are satisfied with the software, it would be unfair for us to ask for money. This is the reason we have decided to offer our software for free.

# How long will it remain free?

We have decided that we will not charge anything for using Octa GST during this financial year (till March 2018). This gives our customer an ample opportunity to get accustomed with GST processes and also evaluate different software packages.

GST is a fast changing arena. Depending upon the situation, we may continue to offer it free even after that. We will continue to do that till we are satisfied that we are offering a software that provides the value our customers look for.

# How much it will cost after that?

Whenever we start charging for Octa GST, we will make sure that it is very competitive and well within the reach of every small business in India.